Greysky of Fallingclan




Greystar is known to be a friendly, caring, and gentle cat. She is great with getting along with cats, giving everyone a chance. Greystar does not like anyone that have bullied, harrased, fought, or hurt her. She tries to be friends with mostly everyone, she is know to be very kind and hopeful towards everyone.                                                                  



Greystar has an angry side of her, but it is rarley shown. Since she is leader she gets lots of hate. She hates it when cats are rude or annoying to her. She give everyone a chance though, but if give those chances up she will ignore you.  She dislikes when cats dont listen to her. When she gets angry she can lash out. Greystar justs needs fresh air and space when she is angry, just let her walk it off.



Her Family

Greystar has a family! Her mate is Darkstar, who has left to starclan. Greystar hated him so much, he was the worst mate and leader ever. he was never around for her. They had two kittens, Shadowkit and Shykit. Their the sweetest and cutest kittens. Now they are Shaodwfang and Shyspirit. She has alway loved her family and would do anything for them.                                                                                          


Agility: 78%

Climbing: 50%

Fighting: 90%

Fierceness: 68%

Hearing: 45%

Hunting: 85%

Kindness: 80%

Leadership: 75%

Medicine: 55%

Senses: 80%

Smart: 90%

Smell:  45%

Speed: 75%

Swimming: 65%

How active?

Animaljam: 60%

Wiki: 75%



The forest


Being outside

Her friends

Anyone that is friendly

Being with friends

Helping others

Fighting and Hunting




  the swamp


Unloyal cats

Anyone that is rude



Being alone

Doing nothing

Harming others





 Rank- Leader

Height - 9.6 inches 

  Pelt - Greystar has a dark grey coat with black stripes

Eyes- Her eyes are shappire blue 

     Scars/Defects - None

Scent - Greystar smells like Blossom Trees and the sky

Mate: Darkskies (Deceased)

In-Game Items - Blue fox hat, Rare Blue spike collar, Blue Sword, and Blue Elf Bracelets

  • Greystar
  • Darkstar- Greysky's mate (Deceased)
  • Bluesight- Greyskys friend

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